• I am a Canadian Garden

    The more you study garden design the more you realize that there seems to be no style to the Canadian Garden.  We have adopted garden styles from around the world.  Water features from the Italian and Spanish Gardens.  From Britain … Continue reading

  • Growing Rhododendrons

    While roses are considered by many gardeners to be the queen of the garden, rhododendrons are said to be the king.  Their large trusses of flowers can be of almost any colour of the rainbow and will bloom sometime between … Continue reading

  • Container Gardening

    One of the latest trends in North American gardening is container gardening. The trend is to use tropical and sub-tropical plants in the garden to create interest. Often a featured plant is sunk into the soil to act as a … Continue reading

  • Gardening for the Birds & Butterflies

    We are all interested in having  a little bit of a wild life. To create your backyard habitat, plant fast growing evergreens and deciduous trees.  To round out your habitat, plant your favourite flowering shrubs, perennials and annual flowers but … Continue reading

  • Salt Tolerant Plants

    When designing or selecting plant material for a city parkette or garden the information on plant material that will tolerate salt and salt spray has been lacking. Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association has published a small survival guide for the … Continue reading

  • Hostas for Sun, Fragrance & Slug Resistance

    The following lists of plants are just a sampling and must be updated constantly. Plants grown in a lot of sun should be watered regularly. Although Hostas maybe listed as being drought tolerant, they do not do well in this … Continue reading

Increase Your Sales & Feed the Hungry

Yes, you can improve your bottom line and support those in need in your community. It is not difficult.

There are two things every community has in common gardeners and families in need. The Plant a Row-Grow a Row Program is designed to bring these two groups together through the local food bank and soup kitchens.

The Plant A Row-Grow a Row Program simply asks that all gardeners grow an extra plant or row of fruit or vegetables. Even a novice balcony gardener can grow an extra container of Herbs, Tomatoes or Peppers. You sell them the container, soil mix and plants.

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